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Client Centered

Bezou Financial Planning Group provides personalized financial guidance.

We have a passion for excellence, offer uncommon service and place great emphasis on accountability.

Our experienced team of local Financial Advisors offer investment strategies best suited for your specific needs. We plot your course together and make decisions according to what is best for you, the client. 

Utilizing the tools, technology, regulation, oversight and resources of Osaic Wealth and Pershing LLC, Bezou Financial Planning Group makes sure your portfolios reflect the latest insights and investment vehicles. 

Saving for retirement, college or that second home requires planning and constant diligence by your investment advisors. It also requires that your advisors be proven professionals. The team at Bezou Financial Planning Group is led by Jason Bezou, who is both a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS.) 

Contact us today to start realizing your financial potential. 

Comprehensive Financial Planning

There is immense value in comprehensive financial planning and it’s imperative for good financial health. Yet, it’s easy to mistake investment management with financial planning. Financial planning extends well beyond where and how you invest. It involves budgeting, goals, appropriate insurance, comprehensive planning for lifestyle, retirement and legacy, Social Security planning, risk management, asset allocation and withdrawal planning, tax efficiency, tax planning, and more.