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The Bezou Financial Planning Group was founded by Jason Bezou when he was hand-picked by Capital One Investing to ensure that clients continue to move toward financial goals. One of just 33 advisors in the United States selected by Capital One Investing and Osaic Wealth, Jason Bezou founded Bezou Financial Planning Group in order to protect, guide and grow the wealth of his clients. Utilizing the tools, technology, regulation, oversight and resources of Osaic Wealth and Pershing LLC, Bezou Financial Planning Group is a local investment firm for local clients. Comprised of proven Financial Advisors and investment professionals throughout Louisiana, the team at Bezou Financial Planning Group has an unmatched track record of success.

In three out of the last five years with Capital One, Jason was the No. 1 advisor in the country in client assets invested. Under the leadership of Jason Bezou, Certified Financial Planner and Accredited Asset Management Specialist, the professionals of Bezou Financial Planning Group are ready to learn your goals and craft strategies to reach them. Call or visit one of our offices in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Hammond, Monroe or Chalmette and you will see that our commitment, insights and experience are vital to your long-term financial success.